Planning a trip?

Planning a trip? Think HUNGARY!

What does Hungary offer travellers? Old world charm, modern conveniences, and a friendly welcoming population! An affordable, safe and unique destination, Hungary – part of the European Union – offers visitors the opportunity for endless discovery.

Europe proudly boasts Budapest as one of its most beautiful capitals. Often called the “Paris of Eastern Europe,” Budapest is known for its tree-lined boulevards, imposing castles, lavish churches, and graceful neo-gothic and art nouveau mansions.

With a strategic crossroad of ancient trade routes, Hungary combines exceptional history with a rich cultural heritage. You can find 2,000 year-old Roman ruins, 400 year-old monuments built during the 150 years of Ottoman occupation, grandiose cathedrals from the Middle Ages, remains of old fortresses and ornate palaces, and lovely vineyards.

Hungary’s illustrious wine history begins with the Romans, who planted grapes 2000 years ago. Winemakers in the Tokaj region developed the use of botrytis mold to produce the famous Tokaj Aszu dessert wine. Let Hungary’s outstanding wines, some of them unique to Hungary, stimulate your taste buds while scenic wine regions with green rolling hills charm your eyes!
High-quality medical and wellness programs are available in Hungary, the land of more than 1,000 hot springs, thermal water, medicinal baths, and spa facilities. After you have finished with your treatment indulge in superb cuisine and fabulous shopping opportunities.

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When travelling with us, you will be more than just a tourist. We provide in-depth visits to the unique sites in Hungary so you can experience this fascinating culture. Besides sleeping in castles or mansions, savouring authentic dishes and enjoying the best of the local wines, you will visit cities and sites travellers rarely venture to as a result of potential language barriers.

Come experience the world-famous Hungarian hospitality for yourself!

Time for Hungary!