Program staff

Ágnes Gordon

Ágnes Gordon
Ágnes Gordon Group Leader

Fairy tales… myths… legends… true stories. I love to listen to the m and also love to tell them. And in a country with more than thousand years of history there are a lot to tell. In a city with breathtaking architecture and heroic background (like being the mostly besieged capital of the world) there are a lot to see & listen to. This is my job & my passion: to show the beauties of my country & talk about it. I know that dates & names & facts are very important, but I believe if you really want to know a city, you may do it better through personal memories and stories, while you are walking in it. On the streets… through the history.

When not working, I love to tell these stories to my sons, and go for treasure hunting in town.


Ági Ördög
Ági Ördög Group Leader

After my university degree I started to work as a press manager of the Hungarian National Tourist Office and I soon realized that the most exciting part of my job was to keep direct contact to our international guests. Still today  I love to show my guests not only our top touristic sites but also our hidden treasures by giving a special touch from our culture and our everyday life.  I also love to hear the personal impressions and life stories which come up to the surface during the trips.  Budapest and Hungary are exotic. Like a child I love to see the suprise on the faces of my guests and be part of their experience. I am very proud of living in this small, but very unique country. My most beloved topics are gastronomy and wine.

Kata Ihász

Kata Ihász
Kata Ihász owner, Group Leader

Kata – tour planner, organizer, guide and “energizer”. My favorite part of work is when I see my plans become someone else’s travel experience. A well planned program at the office is nothing without seeing the excitement and happiness in the eyes of my travelers. That is what I work for: to plan and give a once in a lifetime experience and unique moments, and share the details of the everyday life of the city I live in. Travelling and hosting is my PASSION!

Give us a chance to make your next dream come true !

Ági Iván

Ági Iván
Ági Iván Group Leader

I started my pioneering spirit led journey in tourism more than 35 years ago with college degrees, licenses, some favorite sheet music and the love for my country in my pocket and today I have a great collection of stories enough for hundreds of bucket lists.

I feel honored to be one touchstone of Danube Destinations’ reputation.

Let us sing a song of sixth sense and be impressed what a great fun it is to be guided with so much personal experience in Hungary.

I am a native Hungarian. English and music were my best subjects at school, however later on I realized that speaking German is also great fun. History touched my heart many years later when the answer came to my mind to the one and ever question: “why”?

I used to travel around the world with the Children’s Choir of the Hungarian Radio and Television, so it was easy to see which profession would be suitable for me. It was the hotel industry. Having been involved in foreign trade business and meeting quite a lot of people gave me an impulse to be on the stage again.

Dear friend, are you interested to learn about the hidden values of the most happily situated capital in the world? Are you interested in how our unique language survived during the centuries? I can help you to have one of the best chapter of your life with Danube Destinations.

Peter Iván

Peter Ivan
Peter Ivan Group Leader

“He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left.” A Chinese proverb

Curiosity is one of the basic human qualities. Information flows into us so easily lately, and we want to see, learn, touch, smell, taste and personally experience many diverse landscapes, cultures, architectures, customs and cuisine. My motto and motivation is that traveling is not only fun but education and a challenge as well. I am a longtime wanderer but still can travel with an open-mouth. We can never say that we have traveled enough and seen everything, so we have to keep exploring. Nobody’s education is over after finishing schools, graduating or earning a diploma. To keep our curious spirit satisfied we need to learn during our whole life. The World is the largest classroom and traveling is the best tool to get more education.

In the last 15 years I experienced new dimensions of travel that were parallel of my own journey. Nowadays, I am often go to the „other side” and I host, guide and lead others. I am an active, inspirational member of the local crew. My special joy in these situations when I can compare ideas, opinions, interact with the visitors, share personal stories, or show them my really favorite and hidden places among the must-see attractions. I am not a professional tour guide, I simply love my home city, my native country, this region and like to show them to the foreigners. This is the place where I am really at home literally and theoretically. I’m also happy to share my personal life experiences, explain how we live in this region, how we used to live, how we observe the World. I would like to make the best possible first impression at the arriving and shape it to a great traveling experience together with our visitors by the time of farewell.

We are not only collegues, but friends as well