14-30 July, 2017: 17th FINA World Championships Budapest-Balatonfüred

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Only 2 days to go.

“Budapest and Hungary are preparing for a historic event. Hosting the 17th FINA World Championships marks the beginning of a new era not only for swimmers but for those engaged in other disciplines, as well. Hungary has never organised such a significant sporting event attracting the attention of people from five continents. It is no exaggeration to say that for a bit more than two weeks the eyes of the world will be on us. Thousands of athletes from hundreds of countries will come together in Budapest and Balatonfüred between 14 and 30 July. We have completed gigantic developments, investments and reconstructions and everyone is awaiting the opening ceremony -promising to be exceptional- with great excitement. It is quite obvious even for an outsider that tremendous work is required to deliver such a project.” Words by Mr Dávid Szántó, sport director.

Have you bought your tickets already? Not yet? Do not miss this spectacular event! We will be there…